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We have more than 10 years building swimming pools of every size and shape, so we've achieved an experience and method that allow us to deliver you a high quality product in the shortest possible time, and with all the guarantees.


  The form of the swimming pool will be determined through a wall of bricks, at the same time forming the coffer-dam. The iron frame work will be sold "at location" by means of electrosolderings with a very high resistance and with the following characteristics:
  • Diameter of the iron bars: 5 mm
  • Diameter of the iron bars: 15x15 cm
  • Steel of 5.500 kp/cm2

The iron frame work will be covered with gunite cementing which has the following characteristics: Homogeneity, high resistance, adherent, watertight, etc., because of the quantity of cement-sand M-400, factor water-cement of 0'4 to 0'5 and the way it is placed, launching air pressure of 7 atmosphere strenght.

  The interior of the swimming pool will be without angles, which makes cleaning easier, and also gives an aesthetic effect and greater resistance.

The inside revetment will be with mosaic tiles 2,5 cm. x 2,5 cm. Qualities of a good tiling: its colour and design marks the aesthetic of the swimming pool. It guarantees the water proofing of the walls. It protect the swimming pool from the action of mechanics agents (bottom cleaner). It is non slippery. It resists to frosts, sudden changes of temperature an UV rays. Is unaffected by chemical products.

  The crown will be made of white stone, with marble granite 50 cm wide, and La coronación será de piedra blanca, con granito de mármol, de 50 cm de ancho, accomplished in situ (in one only piece), so there won't be any union joints.

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